Regular cleaning

Our company takes you away from the everyday worries of cleaning office buildings, financial institutions, business centers, schools, hotels and other buildings, giving you more space for your professional growth.

Service description

We will provide you with all day-to-day cleaning work from floor washing, vacuum cleaning through cleaning of social and sanitary facilities to window cleaning. If necessary, we also take care of all kinds of special cleaning needs.


The provision of cleaning services is tailored to your requirements and the operation of individual workplaces. Most preferred is a daily cleaning regime, which is contucted every day and objects and things are treated with regular cleaning to extend their life.


Medical facilities

In establishments where epidemiologically significant activities are carried out, thorough mechanical clean-up of the entire environment is important.

Service description

It is important to ensure that the cleaning schedule and the disinfection plan is in place and that it is followed in practice to comply with the hygiene regime.


The frequency of cleaning is increased depending on the type of departement and always according to the epidemiological situation, we use solutions at the prescribed concentration.


Technical management of buildings

We provide a complex care about the technical state of the client object. Regular internal cleaning of offices and common areas. Outdoor cleaning and special cleaning services, security and reception services including the modification of outdoor greenery.

We are dedicated to

– professional electrical signaling
– fire alarm
– other electrical equipment
– heat distribution, ventilation
– air conditioning, lifts
– sanitary facilities


– cleaning social buildings
– refilling hygiene needs
– services for deratization, disinfection, disinfestation
– physical security of property, maintenance of greenery


Special cleaning

Special treatment of marble, travertine, patio and PVC floors is carried out by applying metallic waxes. Care for outdoor spaces, access roads, greenery, parks. Disinfection, disinsection and deratization (DDD).

Service description

We have a special technology that helps you to take care of the outside space on a highly professional level.


Specially treated flooring is also anti-slip while wet. It is a challenging and laborious activity, so it is important to follow the technological process.


QLEEN - cleaning of cars, trains, boats

QLEEN is used in our country and abroad for the maintenance of speedboats, buses, trucks and some boats. The demineralized water used in the system allows efficient maintenance and protection of the transports, which then last longer and more efficient.

The QLEEN system really has a wide use. Thanks to the fact that demineralised water allows for cleaning without adding chemicals, you can clean without risk of the health of workers and passers-by. Glass surfaces, aluminum and sheet facades, plasters and other material combinations – nothing is a problem for QLEEN.


Cleaning of glazed areas, facades and solar panels

Classical glazed facades, tilted glazed surfaces, even a dome-shaped, perfectly and without smudges all able to QLEEN . Thanks to demineralised water, the surface will remain clean for a long time, and repeated washing is easier.

Facades cleaning

QLEEN can also be used for cleaning plasters or facades made of sheet metal or aluminum. Using rotating blades, plaster cleaning is effective and fast.

Cleaning of solar panels

Today, it is generally known that the efficiency of PV panels may fall sharply due to dirt. QLEEN offers a very efficient and cost-effective cleaning of these areas.


Carpet cleaning

In this process, we use modern technology – we use a machine extraction method, in case of larger pollution we use a combined method.  In the machine reservoir we pour water with the prescribed quantity of the special dripper for machines with reduced foaming. We first vacuum the carpet. If the carpet has spots on it, we will remove them using special formulations.

The combined method consists in rubbing the carpet first with a single-disc machine with a brush designed for textile flooring and a solution for cleaning carpets. Then we will use an extractor which principle of operation is that the nozzles are a injecting solution into the flooring under high pressure.


Summer and winter maintenance of grasslands, roads and paths

Summer maintenance includes, in particular, maintenance of greenery, lawn mowing, trimming of ornamental woods, as well as cleaning and sweeping adjacent roads and walkways.


* mowing lawns
* harvesting mowing grass associated with the removal
* putting new lawn
* irrigation of lawns
* aeration
* grass fertilization
* cutting and carving of bushes and wood
* mulching


* sweeping hard surfaces
* washing of hard surfaces
* collecting dirt
* emptying waste bins
* chewing gum removal


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